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The "101" - Pacific Northwest - Laser Etched Wood Print - 3MM Basswood Plywood

The "101" - Pacific Northwest - Laser Etched Wood Print - 3MM Basswood Plywood

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The "101" - Pacific Northwest - Laser Etched Wood Print - 3MM Basswood Plywood

Artist: Kashyap Basu

Tool: Xtool D1 Pro

This wood etching depicts a scenic view of the iconic 101 freeway, interwoven with elements that evoke the lush, verdant spirit of the Pacific Northwest and the rugged beauty of Oregon's coastline. Crafted with precise laser etching, the artwork captures a moment where nature and human-made structures coexist in harmony.

In the foreground, powerful waves crest and break with energy along the shore. The detailed waves, complete with foam and spray, embody the wild, untamed nature of the Oregon coast. Each line in the wood grain seems to flow with the water, giving the ocean a dynamic, lifelike appearance. A stately pine, etched in finer detail, stands sentinel over the scene, its needles and branches a testament to the resilient flora that characterizes the region. Its shadow stretches across the undulating sand, adding depth and contrast.

The central feature of this piece is the 101 freeway, meandering through the landscape. The road is rendered with care, ensuring each marking and curve is authentic to its real-world counterpart. It cuts a path through the trees and hills, a symbol of the journey many travelers take to experience the majestic Pacific Northwest.

Above, the sky is etched with streaks and clouds, suggesting a brisk wind sweeping across the landscape. Etched birds in flight punctuate the sky, adding a sense of freedom and movement. The top of the wood piece is shaped uniquely, perhaps mimicking the outlines of the coastal map or the silhouette of the hills, giving the artwork an irregular, organic edge that enhances its rustic charm.

Every burn and shade in this wood etching has been meticulously executed to bring forth the textures and essence of this beloved stretch of highway, a tribute to the stunning intersection of civilization and wilderness.


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